Links to relevant organizations and other information

CS4HS St. Scholastica Site
CSTA (Computer Science Teacher Association)

CSTA: Flyer regarding computational thinking

CT: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone

Google: Computer Science Participating Organizations

Running on Empty Executive Report

Lecture capture: Introduction to Programming and Scratch- David Malan, Harvard
This is a 49 minute video lecture from a beginning computer science course from a Harvard professor who uses Scratch to introduce programming.

Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists

University of Washington Interviews with Computer Scientists

Wiffiti - online texting discussion board

National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) Promising Practices
Talking Points about pursuing computer science as a career
Computing Careers - describes the differences between different areas of computer science (engineering, information systems, etc.)

PC's for People - free computers & low cost internet
Free Geek - free computers

50 Favorites - 1 minute presentations on 50 tech tools to use in the classroom (from TIES 2009 conference)

CNBC - Inside the Mind of Google

St. Scholastica Summer Tech Camps

Scratch curriculum for teachers to explore I emailed Colleen Lewis to thank her for posting the 22 Scratch Lessons on Scratch Ed. She sent me the link to her website that has Scratch curriculum. - This is amazing! Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon and was given 3-6mo to live. He had the opportunity to give a "last lecture." It is about achieving your childhood dreams...or what he did to achieve his. He helped create Alice, an introductory computer language that has a similar idea to scratch.